My first Gordon Setter came from Jean Look and Peg Sanger, at Sangerfield Kennels, in 1967. This wonderful young lady, Ch. Sangerfield Cameo, CD, became my constant companion through high school, college, graduate school, the birth of my daughter, commissioning into the Army, and finally moving to California. I learned to show and groom, and finished her championship and CD as a teenager. “Reba” was an almost ideal Gordon Setter, she was bright, devoted, loved to hunt anything, and while very outgoing, was prepared to defend me if threatened.

   I say “almost ideal”, because she was NOT a good mother, and there are no descendents. Unfortunately, Sangerfield Kennels was in its twilight years when Reba went to the Rainbow bridge at almost 13 years. In the years to follow, we owned, showed, and loved several other Gordon Setters from various sources, but none of them seemed to be the ideal Gordon. Then medical school, multiple military deployments, and surgery training delayed further search for the elusive “right” dog.

   In 1999, with Beth Beatty’s last litter at Celtic Kennel in North Carolina, I found the right Gordon for me. Beth’s homebred Gordon Setters, primarily stock imported from the UK, were everything I recalled of the “classic” Gordon Setters. Her dogs were healthy, long lived, and all had beautiful heads, heavy bones, rich colors, and outgoing dispositions. I was fortunate to be able to convince Beth that I was the right home for Am and Ger Ch Celtic Arlyss Scott’s Grey. We still co-own Grey, the foundation bitch at Munroc, who is both a wonderful companion and an excellent mother. Lastly, I was fortunate to be able to able to live for 2 years in Germany. There I met my good friend Silvia Timmermann, and her wonderful dog Hunter (Gordon’s Dream Admire). A dual champion in several countries, and used only sparingly at stud, Hunter has made a great contribution to Gordon Setters in Poland, Austria, Germany, France, the UK, and now- the USA.

   Munroc Farm comprises 680 acres, about one third woods, one third pasture and one third hay fields, located near Paris Kentucky. It has perimeter fencing and the ponds and large stands of native grasses make it ideal for wild turkey, quail, and woodcock, and perfect for dogs- just ask them. At Munroc Farm we raise Thoroughbred horses, beef cattle, and, very occasionally, a litter of Gordon Setters.