"Jo"  owner Mr Alexander Becks
"Zidane" owner Mrs Gisela Baeumer

Although Gordon Setters originated in the United Kingdom, they have been exported everywhere over the past 150 years. In Germany and France, both parents must demonstrate success in both the field and conformation ring before being allowed breed and register puppies. “Success in the field” is defined as demonstrating ability to search, and point, with no shyness to shot, much like a Junior Hunter title in the US. Success in conformation - is defined as being awarded at least two “excellents” or “very good” under two different judges. Additionally, in all FCI countries, they must have either “A” or “B” hips, and a full bite. At Munroc Farm, we believe bringing the best of the European bloodlines to the US will help reinforce the dual capability of our wonderful breed.

A second advantage is simply adding diversity to the pool. Dr Jerold Bell’s excellent work, "Popular Sire Syndrome and Concerns of Genetic Diversity" states, “If some breeders outbreed, and some line breed to certain dogs that they favor, then breed wide genetic diversity is maintained”. There is value in giving American and Canadian breeders easier access to “outbreed” to high quality, dual purpose Gordon Setters not closely related to the ones they already own.

Service in the United States Army afforded me the opportunity to live and work in Germany for several years. While there, I joined the Pointer and Setter Club (www.pointer-und-setter.de) and met many terrific folks. In addition to showing “Grey” to her German Championship, I met my good friend and partner, Silvia Timmermann. Silvia is very active in all aspects of Gordon Setter breeding, showing and hunting in Europe. She came to the US for the Gordon Setter Club Specialty in 2005 with her wonderful dog “Hunter”. He finished his American Championship on a return visit in 2006 with six consecutive wins, including 4 majors and three Best of Breeds, making him  Am CH, IntCH (FCI), DtCh (VDH), DtSchCh (club) Ch Pol Gordon's Dream Admire HZP,VGP (1),FT,Btr.

Breed standards, hunt test requirements, and hip scoring standards are similar, but not identical, among the American Kennel Club, the Kennel Club (United Kingdom), and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (registry for most of the rest of the world, including Continental Europe).